“Two heads are better than one” goes the saying. This also applies to Electric Car Insurance. 

kvk interass has had a top insurance offer for comprehensive insurance of luxury cars for years (Special Car Policy) and spread it among its member-brokers.  

Kvk Interass

When some of the Member-Brokers  knocked on kvk interass's door for a distribution alliance for a specific offer for Tesla Model S, the traditional insurers who were addressed had already closed the door to them.

kvk interass did see the market for this project so the Tesla insurance was launched onto the Belgian market.

The Tesla solution was presented in November 2013. After a modest start, the applications started to come in. Many drivers who got our quotes could not believe their eyes. The offer they were receiving was so different in terms of price and acceptance conditions from what they had heard from their usual broker.

Distrust may be a natural reflex but gradually the first customers signed their contracts. The sustained monitoring of internet forums, the presence at peer group events, etc. have helped to spread our insurance solutions. Besides direct surveys among customers, colleague brokers also gradually fell for our solution.

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Besides price and conditions, the speed with which quotes and policies are issued is also much appreciated. And the quick handling of claims also stands out. 

With the SCP experience and the Tesla solution we have proven that innovation is possible in stagnant markets. And that unexplored areas are crying out for their own approach. As niche brokers with a flexible structure we are responding to changes quickly. We are insurance specialists who – just like you – are stuck in the past, but not afraid to think forward. And also act accordingly. 

As from August 2020 the Electric Car Insurance is  available for each Full Electronic Car.

Are you saying goodbye to the combustion engine?

You, saying goodbye to the combustion engine, will experience the benefits of an electric motor in our offer and in our approach. Electric Car Insurance is quiet, reliable, non-polluting and efficient. 

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