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Electric car insurance

Electric driving is quietly gaining ground. Quietly because an electric engine does not make noise. And also quietly because the transition is gradual. Electric bikes are a common sight on the streets nowadays. Electric cars will inevitably follow.

Electric Car Insurance supports this transition. Everyone in Belgium who opts for an electric car will find a correct and customised insurance solution on our platform. Or do you think car insurers who are still fully focused on diesel and petrol cars can offer you the most personalised guarantees?

Electric car insurance is your one-stop-shop for the insurance of your electric car. 

The following 3 options are standard and free in our offer: 

  • the knowledge and experience we built up, 
  • excellent conditions and 
  • a competitive price.

Electric car insurance: driving without an exhaust does not mean your options are exhausted. 

Discover the new Way of insurance in Belgium

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ECI is developped by kvk Interass BV.

Kvk Interass BV creates insurance solutions where the traditional insurance market has no answer. Solutions beyond the usual or in areas left unexplored by the Belgian market. kvk Interass BV is simply the best in out-of-the box thinking in our insurance landscape. 


Kvk Interass BV takes care of the concept and the development of the Electric Car Insurance.

The distribution is handeld by insurance brokers  (= our Member Brokers.)

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Drive, live
and insure green

You are a self-aware, modern driver. You have chosen to pollute less and improve your driving experience. 

In your daily life you are also more aware of the idea that more of the same is not a solution. That a change in thinking patterns and behaviour are a must to pass on a liveable world to the next generations.

Take action by requesting a quote. 

You will notice that – just like your car – our insurance offer is comfortable, efficient and sustainable.   

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